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A music experience organization rediscovers its online groove.

The Client

GRCB’s (Girls Rock Campaign Boston) famous workshops bring together girls, women, and members of the Boston-area LGBTQ+ community, many of whom have never picked up an instrument in their lives, and help them express themselves through music. 

Participants form their own bands and end their sessions with a performance at a Boston-area venue before a live audience.

The Challenge

After a two-year hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization asked Schick Creative to help it reintroduce itself to the community. The marketing and communications plan included recommendations for promotions, partnerships, fundraising, and more.

But one item towered over all the others: the website was text-heavy, lacked meaningful visuals and was difficult to update. “We didn’t feel like it was really capturing the heart and soul of the organization,” said Nora Allen-Wiles, Executive Director of GRCB.

Moreover, the WordPress plugins were out of date, performance was suffering, and the site was crashing on a regular basis. “It felt like we were always sending people to a million different places instead of having a home for information,” Allen-Wiles recalls.

The Solution

Schick Creative built a new website using Squarespace, which offered a secure, auto-updating infrastructure and a no-code, drag-and-drop editor so GRCB’s staff could update the content on their own.

The new site also tapped into GRCB’s vast photo archive, what Allen-Wiles calls “the best showcase of who we are and what we do.”



The Results

“We got a lot of great feedback about people feeling really moved by seeing the images and wanting to look at all the different pages and understand more about the organization than what they would normally do.”

“We are proud to point people to our website now, which is a new thing.”

Nora Allen-Wiles, GRCB Executive Director

The result is an attractive, engaging site that not only reflects the spirit of the organization, but is a vital, useful tool for communications, promotions, fundraising, and outreach.

“We are proud to point people to our website now, which is a new thing.”

About GRCB

GRCB (Girls Rock Campaign Boston, Inc.) empowers girls, women, and gender-expansive youths and adults to believe in themselves by building a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through music education and performance. Learn more at

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